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Hasan Uğur Nayır - 25.11.2011 20:54:00

Rachel Lara ile oyunlar ve oyunculuk üzerine

Cosplay, model ve sıkı bir oyuncu

1- You're known for your modeling, acting and Cosplays. But who is Rachel Lara? Can you tell us about yourself?

I'm a quirky techie whose curiosity is probably rivaled only by cats. I cross over industries and traverse the world. Lover of languages, arts/sciences and information. I'm a nerd. I'm convinced I make it cool though... Lol I entertain myself all day. I'm outrageous, intolerable and obnoxious at times, but fun loving and genuine. I'm an explorer, perfectionist, socialite and killer. Believer that dinosaurs are a cover-up for the existence of Pokémon. I may or may not have the attention span of a toddler. Leaning towards may.
2- Which games are you playing lately? Which genres do you like the most?

I just finished Portal 2 with a platinum, currently playing Uncharted 3, re-playing God of War 3, Arkham City... I love Action Adventure, Puzzle, MMORPG, RPG, Platformer/3D Action Platformer..

3- Generally females are not interested in video games in Turkey. Especially the shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike. What do people think about this in your country? What kind of reactions do you get from people?

The girl gamer stigmas are lessening each year. Growing up it wasn't realistic in male eyes for a girl to be behind a female avatar. "Girls don't exist on the Internet." It was considered a man's world. These days the female gaming population is leveling out to be about a 50/50 ratio (depending on the platform). It seems to peak intense interest when someone finds out that I professionally play video games. I encounter all types of reactions both positive and negative. As it is, we're all just gamers.
4.Will we hear your voice or see your characterization in a video game?

Yes, my face will be a character in the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.
5- What is your favourite game?

Portal by far my favourite series. GLaDOS is my hero.

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#40 fuat, 27.11.2011 21:58 (0) - Alıntı yap
5- En sevdiğin oyun hangisi?

Portal serisi uzak ara en sevdiğim oyun. GLaDOS benim kahramanım.

Senda benim kahramanımsın :D
#39 MK Okuru, 27.11.2011 14:01 (0) - Alıntı yap
26.11.2011 22:13:00 - MK Okuru demiş ki:
Kızlar=Nitendo Wii
Maço Erkekler=Ps3

hacı sımdı bız maco mu oluyoruz ayıp edıyorsun.
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#38 Denito, 27.11.2011 05:01 (0) - Alıntı yap
26.11.2011 22:13:00 - MK Okuru demiş ki:
Kızlar=Nitendo Wii
Maço Erkekler=Ps3

Harbi Oyuncular=Pc :D :p
#37 MK Okuru, 26.11.2011 22:13 (0) - Alıntı yap
#36 MK Okuru, 26.11.2011 19:43 (0) - Alıntı yap
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