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Ubisoft, Watch Dogs sorularımızı yanıtladı - Röportaj

İşte merak ettiğimiz sorulara cevaplar

Murat Halilbeyoğlu - 01.07.2013 16:38
Murat Halilbeyoğlu - 28.06.2013 14:13
You have a beautiful game as we seen from videos but it also has strong rivals like GTA V, Saints Row 4 and even AC4: Black Flag. You’ve said those are different games. So what precisely makes Watch_Dogs different than these three regarding innovation?

Answered by: Jonathan Morin, Creative Director

I would simply say that WATCH_DOGS is created by a very talented group of people who desire nothing more than to create something new, fresh and relevant for today's players. Controlling an entire city and invading its population provides a completely different way of interacting with your surroundings and offers unprecedented dynamism. For us, it’s about creating a unique experience that feels so natural and immersive it’ll seem impossible to achieve. With WATCH_DOGS, we want to push gaming forward in our own way. We do play open world games and it surely influenced us in some way. But creating an experience is never about adding elements your neighbors have. It is all about delivering the fantasy and experience you are seeking.

In AC franchise, you’re telling us a story about world domination and saving it from this.  In Watch_Dogs you criticize the increasing use of technology. What is the main story in Watch_Dogs that you want to tell us?  

Answered by: Kevin Shortt, Story Designer

WATCH_DOGS is meant to examine what it is to live in a city with a vastly interconnected network. We’re interested in the questions it raises. What does this mean for privacy and security? What benefits arise from such a system? We believe in technology. It connects our world in amazing ways that allow us to learn from each other far faster than we ever could at any other time of our existence. And that’s not something to be taken lightly – that’s pretty impressive stuff! But as we immerse ourselves in this new world of connectivity, it’s worth pausing to consider the flip side. As my information becomes less and less private, what does that mean to me personally?

WATCH_DOGS is not out to deliver a lesson. We hope the game entertains first and foremost. And we hope players can come away with an experience that reflects on them and raises lively discussions with their friends. If that’s the end result of the WATCH_DOGS experience, then we’ve succeeded.

Most gamers feels like Watch_Dogs is inspired from Person of Interest. Is there any truth in it? How do you like the show?

Answered by: Dominic Guay, Senior Producer

Actually we were many years into development when we heard of that show for the first time. Making a new IP like WATCH_DOGS is a long process and we started to craft our vision in early 2009. The game was already pretty much set in its direction at that time so similitudes were random or most probably based on having similar real-world inspirations. Indeed, our current times, its hyper connected nature and how it affects our way of life, are the core of our inspiration. I think that when you choose a relevant subject matter that is echoing real world events you can expect to see similarities with others. To be honest I have not had a chance to really get into that show yet, I'm just too busy with the game. After we ship hopefully!

There’s a rumor about Watch_Dogs movie. Do you have any future plans for that?

Answered by: Thomas Geffroyd, Brand Content Director

Ubisoft and Ubisoft Motion Pictures have been extremely active as you know. Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell are already moving forward in the movie format. Obviously, given the broad appeal and excitement generated by the WATCH_DOGS themes, some very early discussions have started internally regarding a movie. However, our focus is on the game right now, releasing the best possible experience next autumn. Anything beyond this goal is secondary, and we will have more discussions about a movie when the time is right.

This will be your second game for both current and next-gen consoles with AC4. With the obvious differences between generations, how does it feel to develop the same game for two different consoles?

Answered by: Dominic Guay, Senior Producer

It is obviously a challenge! First, it starts with the content itself. WATCH_DOGS strives to innovate technically but also on the front of design. While we think pushing immersion (which includes graphics) is important for our title, we do not think it is enough. We believe that our efforts to push dynamism in an open world, that our efforts to connect all players together in new ways are fundamentally geared toward fostering game experience innovation. Of course it also refers to our commitment to developing the game with a mind-set on fully supporting “next gen hardware”. This is true of the PS4 or other next-gen platforms using modern technology, as well as a certain range of PC hardware which offers similar capabilities. But ultimately, our engine DISRUPT has been designed to scale to different platforms. So as it supports also current gen platforms, you can expect the same game experience we want to offer with WATCH_DOGS, whatever platform you will be playing on.

Jonathan Morin said for Watch_Dogs “go beyond the limits of today's open world games”.  You’ve build a new engine called Disrupt specifically for Watch_Dogs, worked with Kaspersky to make hackings more realistic and stating that “Watch Dogs is going to go beyond the limits of today's open world games”. The last part is suitable for next gen and PCs, but do you think current consoles will help you to achieve that?

Answered by: Jonathan Morin, Creative Director

“Going beyond the limits” is not something limited to the technical aspects of a game; it can also be applied to its creative part. We really want to give WATCH_DOGS a serious tone; human dramas are a big deal for us. Video games tend to go very light on that type of subject, so we want to go deep.

So if you cause a traffic light accident, we want to ask ourselves what is going to happen to the guy behind the driving wheel. We want to reach that level of detail. Thanks to the next gen, we can push the limits; we can make the player believe that when he does something, there are causes and consequences.

I think that for the first time, players will not only be in a city, they will feel that people live in there. After all, every city is defined by its inhabitants. This is one of the things that new technology gives us: the ability to go even further. For the very first time, NPCs around you are no longer robots that follow a sidewalk. They are real human beings with their own lives. And thanks to the talent of all the people who worked on DISRUPT to make the WATCH_DOGS experience scalable to different platforms, you will be able to feel that our game goes beyond the limits on each support.
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Keşke Oyunun Türkçe Çıkma Şansının Olup Olmadığı Konusundada Bir Soru Sorsaydınız Kendimizi Ona Göre Hazırlardık :/

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