Interview with Slitherine Software

Erdem Maşlak
Erdem Maşlak 3.06.2010 - 12:31
We talked about Legion Arena with Slitherine Software, the creators of Spartan and Gates of Troy

We know that, The Adventure Company is making adventure games and improving itself on them. We can say the same things about Slitherine Software that they work onto strategy games. They developed Spartan and Gates of Troy, now they are working on a new project, it's called Legion Arena. This game has similar properties with Rome: Total War. The most important difference that Legion Arena has, is that it can only be played online. The other properties are same with Rome: Total War. It's interesting that, developers are all European and Legion Arena is now at first place, in the list of my "most anticipated games".

May be, Slitherine can be counted as a small firm, but we must consider that they are the developers of "Spartan" that played well in our country. We decided that, making an interview and introducing their games will be a good work to do. Now, here is the interview that I made with Iain McNeil, from Legion Arena, Slitherine Software. As I spoke with him, he was very kind that I understood from his speech and behaviour.

(MK) – Merlin’in Kazani
(IM) – Iain McNeil

(MK) – Greetings from all of the Merlin’in Kazani team. First of all could you introduce yourself and your company to our readers?
(IM) – My name is Iain McNeil from Slitherine Software. We’re a small independent UK developer. Till now we’ve been focussing on strategy games, but with Legion Arena we’re crossing into the Role playing genre.

(MK) - We know you from your successful jobs which Gates of Troy and Spartan (especially Spartan). Also Legion and Chariot were good. They were strategy games all of them. Your next game is Legion Arena and it’s a strategy game too. Let me ask you a question. “Why Strategy?” :)
(IM) - The main reason is that this is what we love & know most about. We all play strategy games from board and card games to computer games. The team also includes 2 previous tabletop wargaming World Champions, so its something we know a lot about! Before forming Slitherine the team had a vast amount of experience in the genre working on games such as Red Alert, Dune 2000 and Dune Emperor for Westwood/EA. We also felt there was a niche in the market that was not being filled. There are very few good turn based strategy games out there and we felt the lack of competition was a good opportunity for us.

(MK) - What are the important things which makes Legion Arena better than the others or makes it different? It looks like Rome: Total War. Can we say that Legion Arena is European version of R:TW?
(IM) - Legion Arena is actually an RPS game (Role Playing Strategy) instead of an RTS (Real Time Strategy). Although at first glance there are similarities to RTW, the gameplay is focussed in a different area. In Legion Arena it is all about recruiting, equipping and training the best army. You are in charge of an army that you take with you through the game. Your troops are not expendable, but very important. You can name each squad, customize their textures and you’ll find after a few battles you get really attached to them! It’s not about building an empire, managing cities, diplomacy, trade & research. It is all about becoming the greatest general in history.

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